speaking, it comes down to skin types, because people with more oily skin, like myself, will generate more sebum in the pore. So when the pore is filled with sebum, it will look bigger. It's kind of like filling up a pool. So if you fill up something that wasn't there before, it will expand and it will just stay that way. And if you don't do things like clean your face properly, the Bluoxyn

n this is just going to look more like, extravagant. Whereas people with dry skin, they already don't produce as much sebum to begin with; which is why that hair follicle or that pore size is already smaller. But then the other end of it just means they have to work harder in restoring all the oil to their face. Otherwise, dry as a desert. That's the general explanation (as to) why some are bigger and some appear smaller. And if you have combination skin, you will find that for the most part, just the pores around your t-zone will be enlarged compared to the rest of your face. (Fel: Yeah.) Like me. So right here, it's like, "aaah I need to be