Tressurge I have never been so excited for a text in my entire life it's been so much fun getting to do videos with her I respect her and admire her so much so being a part of her wedding day amazing so exciting and I was out in LA in September and we decided to do a little hair trial together and try out all the different hairstyles that we'd been sending to each other back and forth I decided to film it for you guys and the reason you haven't seen it until now is because I didn't want to give anything away and I also thought it would be cool to show you guys how I did it so I'm going to be recreating the hairstyles on myself I've got a lot of questions about it a lot of people that want to wear their hair down or half up when they're getting married and I thought let's talk through it and the pros and cons and how to do it and all the stuff so we have a lot of ground to cover