Velofel maybe he would change his mind my message was short I don't know who them are I want to know more about your study or my marriage will fail please help me done sent I kept waiting and waiting and nothing my wife thought something must have happened at the office when she saw me checking my phone every few minutes I never told her what I was doing but nothing happened it was 2:00 a.m. and no call or text from the professor no calls either in the following day or the day after that I must say it was the most excruciating period of my entire life but it ended soon enough finally I said when I saw the

Velofel South Africa German phone number that was calling me I saw your message I'm in Germany right now so if you want to meet you must come here the same German voice said so I told my wife the company was sending me on a business trip took the next flight to Berlin and met Jan the next day despite my first thought of him being rude he was actually a nice guy so we started talking I told him about my problem about what my wife said and how I'd been trying to find a solution ever since I will help you but you must