Maxx power libido Lubricant. All through solo periods or associate play, it is usually important to preserve the skin properly-lubricated. A slippery floor now not simplest feels greater pleasant; it additionally enables to prevent friction related injuries which can cause callused, toughened skin. This keratinized tissue can ultimately result in lack of male sensitivity. No longer all lubricants are created equal, although; that bottle of hand lotion might also comprise fragrances or different chemical components which might be too harsh for the delicate skin of the manhood, and lubricants which have warming residences, scents or flavors may also motive inflammation. A water-based, unfragranced lube is nice – guys have to pick out one that is non-reactive with condoms in terms of partner family members. Smell control. Even a freshly washed male organ can harbor unsightly odors, which might be caused by micro organism that thrive in warm, moist environments. Men who are uncut are especially at risk of an ugly, fishy aroma that may linger under the prepuce.