Keto Flux Reviews Venus in Cancer brings stability to relationships, the need for home security, the need to spend more time in the company of the family, the need to return to the roots, the traditions, to embrace our parents and grandparents. Venus in Cancer - General Aspects for All Signs Venus enters the Cancer sign and activates the house of partnerships and marriage, so we see that at this time we are interested in building a family, analyzing more closely our own marriage, opening up more to the partner so that together we can build the foundation of a long-lasting relationship. Yes, there may be marriage requests for lucky natives now. Also, in the professional area, some natives may feel attracted to business partners, collaborators and associates, and yes, contracts can be signed more easily when there is no tension in the middle, it is an attraction, is not it ? On the other hand, at the time of Venus's intrusion into Cancer, the planet of love makes matters tense with Chiron, which requires us to be wise in our actions, not to manifest our feelings and love with too much enthusiasm to suffer later.