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The risk for children of diabetic fathers of type-I is five percent, for the ill mothers at three percent. If both parents have Type I diabetes, 10 to 15 percent of children will also get it.If a first-degree is a Type II diabetic, there is a 30 percent risk. If both parents are old-age diabetics, the risk increases to 50 percent.The immune system plays a crucial role in the development of type I diabetes. Therefore, this insulin-dependent diabetes is also called autoimmune disease.The immune system of the type I diabetic reacts differently than normal. It forms antibodies against the insulin-producing cells (beta cells in the pancreas) and against the insulin itself. At the same time, the beta cells are inflamed. White blood cells enter the cells and cause the so-called insulitis.With small, simple blood tests using a small drop of blood from the fingertip, it can be determined in individuals with elevated type I risk whether antibodies are present. Nevertheless, the diabetes does not break out the same, but may go unnoticed for a few months and years.