Rezola Growth Also in this situation it's far fundamental to offer a smooth and decisive reduce , moving into parallel, without developing the ladders. The key factor to remember when slicing your own hair is to give a clean and precise reduce The key issue to keep in mind while slicing your very own hair is to give a smooth and precise reduce HOW TO SHORTEN THE SIDEBURNS If we are mastering how to shorten hair at domestic on our very own, it's far important to learn how to cut the ones hateful bases , specially for those with a brief reduce. The sideburns fall immediately on the ears and make the cut lose all its beauty, for this reason it would be sufficient to discover ways to cut it off on its very own. This operation is pretty complicated, due to the fact you want a reflect to avoid going similarly down or up. With the end of the scissors going through upwards, it's miles enough to take the proper measurements and continue with a unmarried reduce in the direction of the pinnacle, being careful now not to hit the ear. Who does not have hair with a perimeter, but with a easy long cut, to create a pleasing scaling can proceed bringing the locks forward, dividing them into 3 components. Starting from the top you can begin to turn the hair on your self , until the cease and from here, as you do with the elastic, continue to cut. If you have understood the way to reduce your hair and you experience almost expert and you already know what are the points where you could cut, we advocate you to shop for clips that assist you to better separate the strands , to create an nearly perfect reduce. The blond shatush was one of the first shatush and it's far definitely the only this is extra elegant . All women clearly realize what shatush is , it's miles that precise hair coloring method, which looks after discoloring a part of them, and for this reason it is able to make the facial features stand out more. It is clearly the should of this technique and it's miles ideal if it's miles finished on various sun shades of blond or if the blond shatush is made without delay at the brown hair .